Healthy food starts
with a healthy farm

For us, there’s no distinction: Food and farm health go hand in hand.

Our organic, nutrient-rich almonds and rice are grown and harvested with care, earning rave reviews from all who taste them. 

We grow them in fertile soil using regenerative farming practices that are better for the land, our communities, and the environment. 

When it comes to our farm, we’ll accept no compromise: great foods, vibrant soils, healthier planet.

Does healthy food taste better?
We think so.

Does healthy food taste better? We think so.

Our almonds and medium-grain brown rice are grown without chemicals in healthy soil, which packs more nutrients into every bite.

We harvest at peak ripeness and then process in small batches to preserve their naturally nutty and sweet flavors

Tastier, healthier snacks.
New culinary creations.
Family dinner staples.

Let the flavors inspire your imagination.

Regenerative agriculture:
a better way to farm

Through innovative conservation farming practices like no-till planting and cover crops, regenerative agriculture steadily improves the health of the soil — and the people, animals, and ecosystem that it supports.

Family owned,
science informed

Massa Organics is located near Chico in the fertile Sacramento Valley of Northern California and sells organic almonds and medium-grain brown rice direct from the farm.

All our foods are grown using certified organic, regenerative farming practices that treat our crops, land, and people with love and respect.

Ecologists by training, we’re passionate about finding better and healthier ways to farm, so agriculture becomes part of the solution to our environmental crises, not part of the problem.

In the field now

from the field and orchards