Organic Almonds
and Almond Butter

Naturally nutty, remarkably fresh

A lot of care goes into making sure our organic almonds and almond butters are at peak flavor year-round. Our raw and roasted almonds are unadulterated by extra ingredients or treatments, helping preserve their innate flavors and crunchiness.

We roast our almonds every month and process our almond butter — made of almonds and nothing else — in small batches every few weeks, ensuring they’re shipped as fresh as can be.

Organic medium-grain
brown rice

organic medium-grain brown rice

The most versatile grain

Cooked with a little less water, our rice separates nicely — perfect for pilafs and casseroles. Cook it with more water and enjoy it as a sticky sushi ingredient, risotto base, or rice pudding.

A versatile staple for any kitchen, it even tastes great on its own.

Organic satsuma mandarin oranges

So Sweet and Fun To Eat

We grow certified organic mandarins on a 12-acre family-operated orchard in the California Central Valley, where agriculture has been a way of life for generations. We hope that you enjoy our sweet Satsumas as much as we enjoy growing them.

Gift Boxes

Flavorful combos

Our gift boxes are a great way to introduce Massa Organics to family and friends. Choose an almond-only gift box with roasted almonds and a jar of almond butter, or an almond and rice gift box, which also includes a 2-pound bag of brown rice. You can’t go wrong either way.